Thursday, July 7, 2016

Story no. 2 - One story, Two Hearts, and One Happy Ending

As the monarch butterfly, we also left our beautiful country searching for opportunities with the idea of financially helping the people we left behind. We crossed the border after facing many days of danger, hunger, and fatigue. Eventually, we arrived to this great nation during the hot summer with only the clothes we were wearing, but our hearts filled with hope and endurance. As undocumented immigrants we had to work very hard. Meanwhile, we encountered many difficulties such as fear, language barriers, the lack of reliable transportation, and the shock of a completely different culture. 

With patience and perseverance, we achieved the American Dream after many years. Today we can say it was worth it. We encourage our undocumented brothers and sisters out there to continue your fight. You can do this. Do not let racist politics outshine your dreams. Better yourselves and remember to teach your children about your native culture and language. Never forget your roots and help others! 

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