Much like the monarch butterfly, we as humans turn to migration in search of survival. As a daughter of immigrants, I am grateful for the many opportunities I have as a result of my family's courage and resilience. Through my family’s experience, I have learned to admire the struggles that our brothers, sisters, and families have endured and continue to do so in search of a better life. Unfortunately, there are still many people in our society that fail to understand immigration. There is a misconstrued idea that the immigration laws and its processes are facile. Unfortunately, this unrealistic misunderstanding is prevalent in our country and amongst political leaders. The immigration application processes are both expensive and prolonged, causing people to lose hope during the wait. Their desperation is unbearable and people search for immediate solutions to escape their economic hardships or political civil wars. Thus, risking their lives to migrate to another country in search of the American Dream. If people had the same opportunities in their homelands as we do in the United States, they would never have to leave. But in the U.S. we are fortunate enough to have education and bountiful resources. We fail to understand that these same opportunities are not available to others. Meanwhile, many families are being separated leaving children as orphans because hardworking mothers and fathers are facing deportation everyday. It is inhumane that a child must deal with the traumatic memory of their parent being ripped out of their lives right before their eyes. This is why it is vital for our communities to come together and raise awareness for the importance of an immigration reform.

As a result, this collective project was created with the intention to inspire, educate, and unify. The contributed immigration stories are real experiences written by real people. Whether they choose to share their story anonymously or not, our purpose is to create a safe place for them to freely express themselves.