What is the purpose of sharing these experiences?
The enabling of prejudicial behavior expressed by controversial "political" figures in America has motivated us to start this project. It is important for us to celebrate and share the lives of those that are fighting and continue to fight to be known as anything other than "aliens". Our purpose is to educate, inspire, and unify people, as well as to create a safe platform for people to freely express themselves.

What are the requirements of the writing prompt?
There aren't any, but we encourage genuine and raw writing! Your story is personal and we cannot dictate how you interpret your experiences. Whether you choose to write a poem, essay, or short story - it's completely up to you!

What should I focus on?
Try to incorporate your initial and final experiences throughout your immigration journey and how life has changed for you.

I want to share my story, but I don't want my name to be revealed. Can I still send my submission?
Of course. We will always respect your wishes to remain anonymous.

Where can I submit my story?
You can submit your story by clicking here

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.